Sunday, April 18, 2010

Video: Jay Smooth - T-Pain And The Know Nothing Know-It-Alls

In his latest vid, champion for intelligent Hip-Hop heads everywhere AKA Jay Smooh of goes ahead and illuminates for T-Pain how silly he made himself sound (as if that's anything that he don't do on the daily...professionally) when he tried to excuse himself for letting Sean Hannity's vile ass put him on the spot to do a promo for conservatives.

Once again I agree w/ everything Jay says here, but unlike Jay I'm not so PC in my language--if your someone that says "I don't get into politics cause it don't affect my life...", than you sir or madam are a got damn fool, especially if your African-American, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latino or any combination of the four.

WAKE UP...if you know the name of every bust down on some dumbass reality show, but don't know the name of your state senator(s) than you need to take a step back and review what really matters and why you don't know this extremely pertinent information, that BTW is also readily available and attainable through the very slightest of efforts.

The moral of this story--be informed....don't be afraid to seek out knowledge and don't despair if you don't understand everything right away. This life and world all hinge on information and knowledge kiddies, that's why once upon a time they kept it from us and now they distract us from it. Don't let that it out forever.


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