Sunday, April 25, 2010

Single: Scarface ft. B. James & Monk Kaza - Dopeman Music

Not a huge fan of seeing my fav. iconic rappers of the 90's regress in their business i.e. starting to release mixtapes after two decades of releasing successful albums, but I am glad to see that I was correct in my assumptions; that in fact Face's retirement two years back was indeed only a "rapper retirement"...

With "Dopeman Music" Scarface returns with a righteously funky tune that lends his always lyrical vocals to a head nodding track alongside two game newcomers in B. James and Monk Kaza...

This is how you comeback correct...all other recent "retirees" take note.

props to Meka on the link, "Dopeman Music" the mixtape comin' soon...and for all ya'll that didn't know, he's also working on a new album with Raekwon as well!


Scarface ft. B. James & Monk Kaza - Dopeman Music

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