Monday, April 19, 2010

Interview: Slaine For HipHopDX

Yesterday Jake Paine of got up with one of the last real live hardcore MC's from Beantown, AKA Slaine. The main focus of the discussion was some of Slaine's recent criticism's of Boston upstart (and total pop-hop act) Sam Adams. Standing frimly by his original statements regarding Adams as well as also levying some serious (but wholly believable) allegations against "yuppy" Boston club owners, Slaine provides some good quote fodder here...

Also included are the Boston MC's current/upcoming plans touring in Europe with La Coka Nostra and his other group Special Teamz...


DX: Certainly, everybody wants to know about this "banned from Boston" remark. Can you explain more --- is this gonna be some KRS-One/PM Dawn [thrown-off-the-stage] type stuff?
Slaine: Yeah, he might get PM Dawn'ed. Yes. Okay? Cool.

DX: Last year, La Coka Nostra made an excellent album in A Brand You Can Trust. Certainly you're touring, but what's next for La Coka?
Slaine: I'm in Denmark right now, and touring the next few weeks with [La] Coka [Nostra]. We are all dropping solo joints this year, and touring around the world, and then we are gonna do another Coka album after that. This is a family...a crew...I ride for them, and they ride for me. That's what it is.

Read the full interview here

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