Tuesday, April 20, 2010

News: Sway Remembers Guru

As the stunning and sobering news about the tragic and untimely death of MC (and for all of you that don't know) producer Guru continues to settle, many members of the Hip-Hop community are offering their words of kindness and rememberance. I watched today over Twitter as countless amounts of names chimed in with eloquent thoughts and shimmering memories of a man that treated them well and loved the music...

Today Sway of The World Famous Wake Up Show, and more recently of MTV News shared some poignant thoughts and memories about a man who called himself Baldhead Slick and helped change the game, both with his group Gangstarr and with his solo "Jazzmatazz" recordings....

I first met Guru in the mid 1990s, when he and DJ Primo would visit me and my partner, DJ King Tech, at our "Wake Up Show" on San Francisco's KMEL-FM. Gang Starr even headlined a couple of our concerts, so we always had a great rapport over the years. On their record "Royalty," Guru mentioned me and Tech, along with DJ Bugsy, Red Alert and Funkmaster Flex. I actually have a cameo in the video for the song — in the late 1990s, to kind of get that stamp of approval from Gang Starr really meant something because of what they stood for: integrity, principles. They may not have achieved the level of mainstream success that other groups did, but they stayed consistent in their message.

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