Sunday, March 21, 2010

Daily Diggers Presents Born To Get Down

Now this is what I call a slammin' B-Boy/B-Girl mix!

Courtesy of UK record hound and my fellow blogger Kid Dyno, who's blog is a staple in my online diet, we got a new mix that showcases a grip of breakbeats that will have you up rockin in no time def. has a mean ass 45 collection!

I'mma let Dyno tell it:

This week I've been busy here at the DAILY DIGGERS HQ handpicking some uptempo b-boy records perfect for the circle. Whenever I post up some b-boy beats on 45rpm there is usually a good response and some interesting comments, so let's see how you rate this little selection of floor rockers. If you need music for playing at a battle, practice session, b-boy throwdown or house party, or simply to crank up in your whip then this is FOR YOU.

Feel free to get your listen on beforehand, Dyno included a streaming link as well.


Daily Diggers Presents Born To Get Down

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