Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Soul Assassins Radio The West Wing Hosted by DJ Muggs & Mr. Chocc: 3/15/10

If you don't know by now, yes Muggs has a Satellite radio show too and just like the excellence that Tony Touch, Premier and countless other 90's luminaries put forth on their satellite segements, the legendary producer and DJ rarely dispappoints, if ever...

Two days ago Muggs was in the building with his world famous Beat Junkie crew DJ and KDAY 93.5 Rush Hour potna Mr. Choc, spinning up a heap of new music as well as previewing some of the new tracks off the upcoming Cypress Hill album "Rise Up".

Also included, Muggs spins together an ill set of classic N.W.A. joints.


Part 1

Part 2

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Tree Trekker said...

New Music by El Medina Project (Ern Dizz) --> <-- Have you heard it yet?! Shout it out.