Saturday, March 27, 2010

Video Interview: Cypress Hill Breaks Down "Rise Up" Track For Track

The legendarily funky Latins from the South Gate section of L.A. better known as Cypress Hill take a moment to talk their new album "Rise Up".

Sen Dog, BoBo and B-Real get into the overall sound on the new record and break it down track for track, and yes you do get to hear some snippets...

Okay, let's dole out some propage...First, props to B-Real for showin' The Teacha some respect and citing him as inspiration. 2nd, I must give overall props to The Hill for recruiting Rocker extraordinaire Tom Morello to collab with, dude is nasty and if your too closed minded musically to hear that, shame shame. 3rd, more props to The Hill as a group for having the balls to recruit usual Miami club hit crafter (and the asshole who got rich for producing Wayne's "Lollipop" record) Jim Jonsin to flip that Crosby, Stills & Nash record for "Armada Latina", which all playa hatin' aside might just might be my personal anthem gong into Spring and Summer time...

... yes muthafuckas, you will be hearing me rolling around in the whip playing that shit loud as fuck and singing along with the chorus in Spanish. What!?!

Of course The Pete Rock joint is crazy too and I can't wait to play that "Pass The Dutch" joint while uhh, doin somethin' else at the same time, but all things considered, there was only a few tracks I didn't dig and surprisingly the ones with Mike Shinoda and Everlast weren't included in that lot...Go figure eh?

On the real, this album seems like it'll be dope and full of energy...While I was a lil' skeptical about B-Real doing a lot more of the production this time out, I think he came correct for the most part. I'm excited to hear it all and pleased just to see that the stoned raiders are back!

I mean who else can get Cheech & Chong to hop on they record? GOAT status for a Latino Hip-Hop group man...GOAT status...

"Rise Up" hits stores on April 20th...go purchase it!


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