Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Single: YahZarah - Why Dontcha Call Me No More

Integral vocal contributor to Foreign Exchange and aural talent YahZarah takes us higher with a song that's titled one way, but sounds another...

Yes, despite the sulky posturing of a title like "Why Dontcha Call Me No More"; the track is upbeat as shit, lol. I guess she's happy to ask...I know one thing, whoever stopped callin her is a got damn fool...Look at this woman...yass lawd!!

I digress...

If your curious about the instrumentation, Lil' Jon Roberts handled the drums, Zo! was on the bass, handclaps and tambourine were executed by YahZarah herself and Phonte and the guitar was thrashed by Mr. Chris Boerner.

YahZarah is a phenomenal talent and I'm happy she's dropping another record, which BTW is going to be titled "The Ballad Of Purple St. James" and is due out later on this year. It will be the Ghanaian song bird's 4th LP.


YahZarah - Why Dontcha Call Me No More

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