Monday, March 29, 2010

DJ G.I. Joe - I'm Going In The Mixtape

It's with great confliction that I bring ya'll this new tape...on the one hand I'm happy we've got a new mix from DJ G.I. Joe, but on the other it is a somber moment because the tape is being put out basically to let ya'll know that he's going to be away for a lil' bit.

Indeed...Joe is already locked down right now, serving a 6 month bid in federal prison. The tireless Turntable Annihilist caught a case and now is suffering the consequences of his choices (I assume, don't have any details behind his conviction), but got damnit that don't mean we gotta like it or that we can't help him out in this rocky patch of life.

Included on this new tape are some exclusives produced by Joe himself as well as a bunch of new SolidConnect material, but the real show is of course G.I. Joe's mixing and cutting...

Below is the address for G.I. Joe if you wanna send him a kite, and if you want you can even visit this link to put a lil' money down on his commissary/books...

Joseph P. Rivera
Reg# 76899-053
MDC Brooklyn
P.O. Box 329002
Brooklyn, NY 11232

See ya in 6 Joe...


DJ G.I. Joe - I'm Going In The Mixtape

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