Thursday, March 25, 2010

Single: Freddie Gibbs - The Ghetto

Now this is what I call taking a freestyle to the next level...

Over the classic Milkbone beat for "Keep It Real" Freddie talks about his evironment...Standard ill s*#@ from Gibbs, who continues to carve out his niche in the game as one of the better and more relatable new hardcore MC's throwing his hat out there...

Going back to Milkbone for a second though, I always felt bad for the guy. He was a more than decent MC and his production stayed laced..he really shoulda been the 1st white Hip-Hop superstar IMO...Last I heard he's not messin with rap much anymore and still resides out in New Jersey where he works and is something of a body builder now.


Freddie Gibbs - The Ghetto

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