Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Single: Frankie Krutches ft. DJ Kay Slay - I'm Here Now (prod. by The Heatmakerz)

Brand new one from BKNY character Frankie Krutches ....

My diet of crack and gun rap artists is extremely low these days...I need some reckless lyrics, head nodding production and gratuitous language pronto!

Enter in Frankie Krutches, a hardcore taste maker and leg amputee with ties to the bloods that was hitting the mixtape circuit pretty hard back in the mid and late 2K's, but has always been a fixture in and around the New York rap scene, whether hanging at the famed Tunnel, or running with a burgeoning crew out of Harlem that called themselves the Taliban Diplomats, whom I used to dig on certain levels...

One reason The Dips held my interest for awhile was no doubt due to their production, i.e. the beats crafted by The Heatmakerz; the cats Frankie has now gotten up with for this new single "I'm Here Now".

This joint ain't gonna get you to reflect too deeply on the human condition and Kay Slay's presence def. ratchets up the talk shit O' meter to dangerous levels, but Frankie's charisma and go get em' attitude coupled with that sweet Heatmakerz sound makes this worthy of gracing PHH.


Frankie Krutches - I'm Here Now (prod. by The Heatmakerz)

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