Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Interview: Lil Eazy For MTV

In a candid sit-down with MTV the evil empire, the son of legendary west coast rapper Eazy E talks his late father's personality and the possibility of a biopic in the future among other things...


Lil' Eazy:

"People don't understand, he was a father, my grandmother, I was raised by her. Weekends, I got picked up by my father. He picked up all his kids. My father had a lot of kids. Everything was jokes. We'd be over at Grandma's. He took us on Disneyland trips. That's when you realize you're really somebody. All these [other fan] kids? We're supposed to be having time with daddy. All these kids and all these families wanna take pictures. He bought me anything I wanted. He was a great daddy. He had a lot of time for us."

Read the full interview here

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