Sunday, March 21, 2010

News: Health Care Reform Is Here...

219 Yes, 212 No, was the final vote tally as Democrats in the House of Representatives passed through a piece of legislation that surely is a step in the right direction for the health care crisis that has gripped this country for some time now...

"It wasn't an easy vote, but it was the right vote.." commented President Obama, who addressed the nation late Sunday evening.

So what does this mean in the long run? Apparently this reform has the chance to lower the cost of higher education and even create some new jobs while simultaneously helping insure that 32 million Americans have access to affordable health care. Sounds good to D O, lord knows my life is being directly affected on all 3 fronts...but of course, there's a host of so-called "Americans" that for some reason think all that progress I just mentioned is a bad thing.

Here's to Hope, Here's to Change!


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