Monday, March 29, 2010

News: Slaine Goes In On Sam Adams

You heard of this new hipster fuck from Boston by the name of Sam Adams that's getting way too much press and putting out bad music?

I hadn't either, but apparently the big homie Slaine (of La Coka Nostra and Special Teamz) has and don't much appreciate how this lame ass is reppin' his city.

So, like any person with a lil' bit of clout around his town (lol) he took to the Forums to vent his frustrations and really just air this kid out, lol..Oh and just for good measure he went ahead and spoke on Clinton Sparks as well...

I feel what Slaine is sayin 100%, but some of the "promises of violence" and so on was mad over the top...

here's what Slaine had to say exactly:

“Fuck Sam Adams. Why isnt his record called Waylands Boy? You cant not pay your dues and faggot your way in with no respect for the culture and no love from the streets. Sorry. Im gonna have a good time torturing this cat. “

“and really….Fuck Clinton Sparks too…fuckin dickhead. Dudes are about to start getting punched in the fuckin head this year. This aint Boston shit…..Get Familiar. Im coming to get you cats. Nobody from here is feelin these cats whatsoever. I am in a position to start crushing these fakers….so I have to. Goodbye…. Im about to start frying you preppy pretty boy Fa—–. Real Boston is Dorchester, Southie, Roslindale, Roxbury, Mattapan etc…. dont step on our shit and act like its you.”

and finally, some much needed and hilarious threats...:

“I think over the years you can see Im not a hater… but this dude is actually a threat to the foundation of real hip hop street music. Never paid a due…. has no respect or knowledge of the culture…. If this is hip hops new direction we are in trouble. And he is about to get backed by the biggest powers in the game. He seems like a nice kid…. but on principle… I gotta cut his head off. Sorry Sammy. Bostons boy is about to get banned from Boston. Im Bostons Boy faggot. Go back to college and do some homework. And tell your alamo rent a car investor he can get his face kicked in too. Wrong time to fuck with me. Be very afraid. Im gonna show up at your shows and make everything hard for you pussy. Say somthing about it and watch the temperature get way too hot for you.”

spotted ova @ JTTS


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