Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Video: Dame Dash Featured On Good Day NY

There's little doubt that even though he's certainly seen better times financially, mogul and entreprenuer Damon Dash is still winning...

He's ramained involved in music, but like all good businessmen has a hand in other ventures as well and Julie Chang of Good Day NY caught up with him to check out one of of those other new undertakings and was given a tour of the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records' new Tribeca art gallery DD172. Ms. Chang, who might I add seems to know didley shit about Hip-Hop, went all Connie Chung on Dame and decided to ask him about his relationship with Jay-Z. Dame responded to her quasi-ruse by calmly explaining he regrets nothing about the work he did with Jay.

Ya know, over the years people have labeled Dame a lot of things; asshole, pushy, brash, contentious, reckless, etc., etc.,. You know what though? To me he's a warrior of the highest caliber. He's got his hang ups like anyone else, but I've been following him since the mid 90's and few other people in the industry seem to bounce back from bad deals, fueds, rumors, lawsuits and even the loss of a beautiful young fiancee, better than Dame has. He's got guts, period. Maybe he never gets back to where he was in The Roc's glory days, maybe he does, either way, he played the friggin game of life, if not kicked the bastard square in the teeth as hard as he could.

Dame Dash, fight on fighter.

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