Wednesday, March 31, 2010

News: LL Cool J Denies Interview W/ Sarah Palin And Fox News

My faith in Hip-Hop legend LL Cool J was tested recently when news broke that Uncle L was rumored to be appearing on the fuck up fairy's Sarah Palin's Fox News show....I was a bit surprised, but chalked it up to pretty much the fact that there are a lot of bruthas (some even in the urban music industry) that flock with the venomous republican party.

Much to my chagrin however, it seems that the good ole' boys over at Faux News are merely up to their old tricks and LL ain't down with the darkside.

Here's what James Todd Smith tweeted about the matter...:

Ha! The verdict is still out on those ab shaping surgeries and his last 4 albums, but when it comes to riding with progresives and denouncing hate mongers like Palin, LL didn't let us down...


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