Sunday, March 28, 2010

News: Say What? Jill Scott Edition

Recently Ms. Scott made (in my view) some questionable remarks regarding interracial dating to Essence mag and just like when I had to call out Mr. Mayer for his backwards ass speech, I gotta raise a few Q's for Ms. Scott too...Now don't get it twisted, Ms. Scott's comments are nowhere near as un-articulated and classless as Mayer's were, but they still garnered enough of an eyebrow raise for me to speak on em'

So to paraphrase the commentary she gave to Essence, she's butt hurt cause a brutha who's seemingly intelligent and successful is married to a white gal? Going in on this whole blithely poetic rant that attacks said brutha's "soul" for simply being with a white woman, I think we get a peek into some of her insecurities. Even trying to bring up the very true historical context of the white woman being placed on a pedestal by white slave owners and drawing an inference to a time when white chicks were forbidden fruit so to speak she comes off bitter for no reason. She's 100% historically accurate, and yeah, there's prolly some ingrained pain there when she see's black dudes wifing up snow bunnies, But Should there be? I mean, your married right? Two times right? Why are you all of a sudden worried about what another man is doing with his affections?

Okaaaaay, not that she didn't make true statements about how fucked up slave owners and basically just white America in general was and in many ways still is in it's views of black men and their precious white women, but come on Ms. Scott, that old and frankly outright un-true stereotype of the black woman who loathes the black man who dates outside his race is too too tired...And yes it is a stereotype. Most sistas I know have zero problems with seeing black dudes (especially ones they don't know) date outside their race and in general have zero problems seeing interracial dating of any type go down. They don't feel some "inner pinch under their Summer dress" when they see a white girl with a black guy or a sista with a white guy or whatever the combination may be...

I think YOUR the one, Ms. Scott who has the problem. Maybe it is a bit troubling that some successful black dudes might have more of a inkling toward fairer skinned Caucasian chicks, but for me it's no more troubling than lets say, when an Asian man loves Middle Eastern women or an Italian chick digs strictly Latino men, or a woman from New Guinea only will get with Canadians or whatever else. Just remember for every one that doesn't, there's one that do, and you can bet on that. You are trying to assert that if someone does wanna date outside they tribe it's an epidemic or something to be ashamed of, and really it's just not. Now maybe I could hear your argument out if you were talking about someone that was just out there boning every piece of white tail he could, while his sista was at home or something, but you said yaself that wasn't the case. Ole' dude you talking on is marrying this woman. Now I'm no huge advocate of marriage and a ring definitely don't equal love, but if dude is as intelligent as you said he was than why not believe he's got genuine feelings for ole' girl and just let them ride into the sunset, for better or worse?

It's 2010, and trying to discourage anyone, of any color, from getting with anyone else of any other color that they're atracted to or in love with is fucking backwards as shit. I don't care how subtle you are with your complaint or "observation". Why the fuck do you care is my question? Your incredibly talented, but comments like; "We dig that the world is full of amazing options. But underneath, there is a bite, no matter the ointment, that has yet to stop burning.", just aren't true. Their blanket statements that you make about all the rest of us to legitimize YOUR hang ups about interracial dating. Most of the time it's hard to catch you not doing or being attached to something positive and promoting progressive love in all of it's imperfections, so this borderline intolerance kinda comes as a surprise.


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