Sunday, March 28, 2010

Video: Phonte Speaks On Little Brother/9th Wonder

I knew this day would come....

After parting ways in a pretty civil manner a long while ago, the men of Little Brother (Phonte & Pooh) seemed to be adjusting well to their new recording careers in the wake of the absence of uber talented former in-house producer/DJ 9th Wonder.

Well, leave it to the latest in social media fuckery AKA Twitter to ignite some silly shit between men who usually would have no part in it.

I was on Twitter last night when a good bit of this minor back and forth between Phonte and 9th was going on and I gotta say it was discouraging.

Apparently this whole mess started after Phonte released "Star"; a new single off of the upcoming Little Brother album, and maybe said a lil' too much in it's regards.

Here, we get Tigalo's telling of how things fell apart with LB.


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