Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bulletin: Redbull Big Tune 2010

This year's RedBull Big Tune beat battle is just around the corner and since I know plenty of aspiring (and pro game) beatmakers frequent PHH I thought I'd give ya'll the skinny...

1st, check out the dates for the cities that'll be hosting the battles

-Philadelphia May 19, 2010
-Los Angeles May 27, 2010
-San Francisco June 4, 2010
-Denver June 24, 2010
-Seattle September 2, 2010
-Minneapolis September 24, 2010
-St. Louis October 7, 2010
-Ann Arbor/ Detroit October 21, 2010
-Virginia Beach TBD

2nd, drop by Redbull for the particulars on how to register and your deadlines.

3rd, look out for ya boy up in Denver on June 24th....hey, you neva know, I might just enter..LOL..


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