Wednesday, April 14, 2010

News: Eminem Tweets "There Is No Relapse 2"

I don't much keep tabs on Em's moves these days, but when a major artist gives his supposed next project the axe via Twitter, I think that's news worthy...

Make of the statement what you will, many believe he'll still drop a new album, he just decided to scrap the whole "Relapse" name.

For me it's not so much about what the title is as opposed to what the music sound like and frankly Marshall been slippin' a bit in that area. I can't blame him, the guy is rich and connected; the world's his playground, but honestly if you ain't gonna go hard like ya used to, just take another big ass hiatus. At this point another half hearted attempt at coming back like "Relapse" just ain't what we wanna hear...kinda like you tryin to beef w/ Mariah Carey.


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