Saturday, April 3, 2010

News: Erykah Badu Charged With Misdemeanor For Nude "Window Seat" Video Shoot

While I sung her praises for her new video "Window Seat", it seems that the Dallas Police department and an offended mother didn't find Erykah's perfromance that moving...

A day or two ago news broke that Soul songstress Erykah Badu was charged with a misdemeanor for stripping down to her birthday suit on Dallas' historic Dealey Plaza sidewalk--the infamous site of John F. Kennedy's assassination, for a guerilla style video shoot. Needless to say the video went viral and had a huge buzz on the net. Unfortunately word about the incident reached Dallas police.

Sgt. Warren Mitchell held a press conference about the matter on Friday and stated "After much discussion, we feel that these charges best fit her conduct. She disrobed in a public place without regard to individuals and small children who were close by"...

Okay, Okay, lets catch our respective breathes and before we start hollerin' about "the man" and whatnot let's take into account the sole reason Erykah is being charged--cause there was in fact some kids that saw that shit. A Mrs. Ida Espinsoa who was at Dealey Plaza with her young daughter and witnessed when Badu was filming her commando style (no pun intended) vid, came forward to police and gave the statement that "She [Badu] was exposed to a level of indecency that most children shouldn't be exposed to",.


No doubt a lot of young, single fellas and ladies would never call foul on a woman stripping down in a public place, especially if she's as good looking as Badu and her intentions overall were to create art, but I have a feeling a lot of parents with young kids who are just out trying to enjoy the scenery where our 35th president was ruthlessly cut down [insert sarcastic look on my face] would.

Sorry, but Mrs. Badu you acted recklessly. Mad recklessly. Even though it baffles me as to why this site is somehow a place where families congregate to "sight see", the fact is your actions are borderline un-defendable. The video is great--titillating and thought provoking--yes, but I think many would probably agree that it isn't suitable for kids and theirin lies the 1st moment when you should've considered not doing it at the time/place that you did. I mean c'mon, do some (or just any in general) better planning next time and make sure you carry out your shoot when there's no one around, especially not impressionable children who have no clue why a crazy woman is un-dressing in front of them and then falling out on the pavement for no good reason.

Yeah, it's fucking lame that someone went to the cops and whatnot, but yo, that was her lil' daughter that saw that shit and now she has to go home and try, somehow, to explain to her what she just seen. Not an easy task at all I'm sure. Look, I'm no uptight prude that thinks nudity will kill someone...sheeeeeit, the stuff on everyday TV can be 10 X's worse, but the truth is the truth--If Erykah wasn't paid and a female she'd prolly be getting ready to do some more spontaneous stripping, except this time it'd be at the whim of a corrections officer during daily rack checks and head counts.


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