Thursday, April 8, 2010

Single: Jay Rock - Money On Mayweather

Another lil' treat from out west, this time from one of L.A.'s burgeoning over-hyped young talents...

Jay Rock takes the buzz that surrounds the 1st of May and it's epic showdown between two of the world's best welterweights and puts it into a Hip-Hop song. It appears that Jay has Mayweather picked to win this contest, despite the fact that Mosley is a seasoned vet who's just as fast as him plus stronger and coming off a number of impressive wins over top notch opponents.

And wassup with Rock callin' Hatton and De La Hoya "has beens" in here?? Wow...listen up fella, even if them two are well past their best days they'd easily put you to sleep for talkin reckless like a fan not a flunkie and show some respect...Oh I forgot your a Mayweather fan so you don't know nuthin bout that.

*goes and bumps some Freddie Gibbs*


Jay Rock - Money On Mayweather

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