Friday, April 9, 2010

Single: Panacea ft. Green - Revolution World Crazy

D.C. duo K-Murdock and Raw Poetic AKA Panacea hit us with their latest single titled "Revolution World Crazy" that finds Raw Poetic diving into a bunch of heady and layered rhymes over Murdock's always gripping production. Don't really know much about this Green cat, but he does his thing as well...

It's your single of the weekend folks, enjoy...

P.S. Panacea's new album "12 Step Program" is dropping on May 4th and while it will be featured at all major digital media retaliers, these two deserve to have their work pressed up on vinyl wouldn't you agree? If your answer was yes, drop by the link below and pledge some money to help get exactly that done:
Pledge Money To Get Panacea's New Album A Proper Vinyl Pressing!


Panacea ft. Green - Revolution World Crazy

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