Monday, April 5, 2010

Video: Dr. Dre Visits Fenway W/ Jimmy Iovine, Unveils New Headphones and Jay-Z Collab Track Title

In some of his most shameful pandering yet, the good Docter visited Fenway Park yesterday on the opening night of the Red Sox' 2010 season...

Even more puzzling than his girly swing in the cage was his dawning of a Red Sox jersey...SMH, Nuthin' but L.A. Dodgers blue and grey or Anaheim Angels red should ever be rocked by Dre, I know when this vid makes it back to LaLa land it'll cause heads to shake worse than the earthquake that struck part of the southland at damn near the same time...

The real reason Dre put his roots on hold to sport the colors of Beantown was to unveil some special edition Red Sox Beats By Dr. Dre Headphones and do a lil' bit of promo for the previously mentioned and highly rumored track with Jiggaman that we found out is titled "Under Pressure".


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