Monday, March 15, 2010

BIG D O & PHH Presente La Salsa Y Boogaloo Mix

Well, here it is folks, my favorite Salsa and Latin Boogaloo joints of all time...

I labored through three late night mixing and ripping sessions to put this 2 hour, two program (side), mix together to highlight some of the illest Salsa, Latin Soul and Boogaloo joints ever. You'll hear songs from everybody from Joe Cuba to Monguito on "La Salsa Y Boogaloo Mix", and if your not aware of either man's considerably great career, that's a good thing trust me.

If some of you aren't exactly sure what your about to get into when you DL this mix lemme shine a lil' light on both genre's...

Salsa should be pretty well known to most of you out there between the ages of 17 and 29...If there's any questions of what that is and how it came about simply click play on the Programa Uno of the mix and listen to Mr. Izzy Sanabria's explanation...I could've summed it up no better.

As for Latin Boogaloo that's a bit more specific and many people; 20 somethings or younger, probably would mostly draw a blank if questioned about the genre. Coming about in the 1960's in NYC it was birthed by young Cubans and Puerto Ricans in the city who wanted to take the popular African American Soul and R&B sound of the period and fuse it with elements of Rock and Roll, Mambo and Son Montuno; a style of Cuban song. The genre also was derived by the huge R&B dance fad thee Boogaloo, that in and of itself was a byproduct of New York City club DJ's mixing African American and Afro-Cuban/Afro-Puerto Rican music in their establishments to try and cater to both crowds...

Okay so there's ya history lesson, do the damn thing and dive right into this mix, tome por favor el tiempo de escuchar, valer su tiempo.


BIG D O & PHH Presente La Salsa Y Boogaloo Mix: Programa Uno

BIG D O & PHH Presente La Salsa Y Boogaloo Mix: Programa Dos

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