Saturday, March 6, 2010

DJ JS-1 Drops A Bunch Of Mixtapes Free From His Vault

The incomparable DJing and turntablism force known to the entire Hip-Hop world as DJ JS-1 has opened up his vaults and made many of his classic mixes available to the public for free download...

The gesture comes with an added bonus in his brand new mix titled "The Mega Mix" (pictured 4th) that contains an exclusive track off his upcoming new album "Return Of The DJ".

Just hit the link below to go to JS's blog and see all the tapes, tracklistings and DL links.

Word to the wise, start off with that "Cold Cutz Remixes" tape that JS did with Spinbad...that, my children, is thee definition of a classic tape and probably my favorite remix/blend effort ever yo. Been bumping it for years....


DJ JS-1's Vaults

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