Friday, March 12, 2010

Interview: Jake One For Urb Magazine

In a very comprehensive and exceedingly good interview conducted by's David Ma we all get a look at the career and latest happenings of beatmaker and production mainstay Jake One...

My favorite part of this in-depth, 5 page interview undoubtedly would have to be the portions where Ma asked Jake Uno about working with DOOM AKA MF Doom...LOL, Pure hilarity people...pure gotta read it.

Tons of other interesting tidbits included as well, a must-read for any longtime Seattle Hip-Hopper, production nerd or Jake One enthusiast...


URB: What was your first piece of equipment?
JAKE ONE: Well, my first sampler was some sort of Rolland. I was 16 working at Taco Time for a couple months and saved up for it. I looked in the ads and bought the only sampler I could afford. I didn’t know how to use it; I just wanted one so bad.

URB: You use quite a bit of soul in your work. What about soul records strike you as good sample sources?
JAKE: I think it’s just being into hip-hop and just being used to those sounds. When I was younger, I actually depended on samples quite a bit because I wasn’t proficient in playing things like synths—so I had to go the sample route. It’s one of these things where you go through phases. When I first started I was sampling jazz almost exclusively and I’ve just transitioned to other things as I’ve aged and learned more.

URB: You still have time to look for records?
JAKE: Not as much as I used to. Recently I’ve been digging a lot because e we’ve been on the road but normally I don’t have as much time as I used to. You also get to a certain point where stuff you really want isn’t physically out there. These days, I’ll grab interesting stuff that I can use or listen to real quick, not necessarily something I’ll put on my wall or file.

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