Monday, March 8, 2010

News: Solar Calls Into Hot 97 And Comments On Guru

Well, it's about that time again for our daily dose of hearsay and un-substantiated BS...

Solar, the guy that everyone seems to be pointing the finger at in this whole fiasco involving Gu-rizzy's health called in to Hot 97 and answered Paul Rosenblog's and Cipha Sounds' questions...

I gained nothing new from this interview. Solar danced around questions and kept his responses dense, clouded in double speak and symantics. LOL, annnnd then, just for shits and giggles he compared his relationship to Guru w/ how Puff's used to be with Biggie...LOL, Sean Combs on Line 1!!! In the end, Solar once again made himself look like a total piece of shit...Not lettin the family see Guru man? Really? I can't believe that Guru would've sat down and made a list of who and who not to bring in his room, but whatever.

Apparently Bumpy wasn't the only one who was dis-satisfied w/ this...Justin, The nephew speaks again:

As always PHH sends it's prayers out to Guru and THE FAMILY in this time of great tension and worry....


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