Tuesday, March 2, 2010

News/Single: Busy Bee To Release 1st Album In 10+ Years...Puts Out Single With Kid Capri

The Bronx Hip-Hop pioneer and legend that busted onto the scene back in 1977 known as Busy Bee is returning to the rap game...

The man who famously battled Kool Moe Dee back in 82' and popularized utilizing comedic rhymes is indeed ready to make another run after about a 12 year hiatus from recording. Although many of you youngins simply know him as the guy that was in the "Beef" DVD, please believe that this man paved the way for whatever bum ass rapper you fillin ya head with these days...

His new album "Now & Then" is set to be a collection of fresh material as well as unreleased and older works that will be remixed. Set to be released via Vtech and Wilshire District Music the album will feature production from Diamond D, Easy Mo Bee and Joc Max among others.

The 1st single is titled "Busy's Revenge" and features Kid Capri..if you feel so inclined (and you should) you can listen/download it here


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Jaz said...

That track is okay (it might grow on me) but it is good news to have Busy back and to hear he has a new album soon.