Friday, March 5, 2010

Pic: Jigga At The White House

Well, if he ever moves in permanantly I wouldn't be surprised....

Hey, if you think that's impossible your probably just another one of the millions that if Jigga hadn't existed would've said that a poor kid from the projects in Brooklyn who used to sling weight and never even graduated high school had zero chance of ever owning a portion of the New Jersey Nets franchise, selling out Madison Square Garden, having not one, but two successful major music labels and shacking up with perhaps the hottest woman in show business...

I'm just proud to be born in the same month...

Do the damn thing and never look back, sky's the limit kids. I know it's a recession out here and it's tough like leather to get shit done, but I mean it gotdamnit.

spotted over @ RapRadar


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