Thursday, March 11, 2010

Single: Ayah - He Don't Want It (prod. by Jazzy Jeff)

Put on your R&B/Jazz hats and prepare for yet another fresh face on the scene...this time it's provided by the stunningly beautiful Toronto songstress Ayah, who drops us her new single "He Don't Want It" and actually isn't that new at all if your up on your Soul music...

Not surprising that the woman who's name loosely translates as "Miracle" or "sign" in Arabic gives us a lil' piece of both in this classic Soul track that contains major traces of groove/Neo Soul greatness.

Over a chill, rolling arrangement produced by the legend himself, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Ayah lets us hear her gift. She's got a soothing and rich voice, R&B heads do not hesitate to pick this up and even look up her previous work in "4:15".

"He" may not "want it", but I sure as hell do...all of it.

Ayah's sophomore LP "This Way" is coming soon...


Ayah - He Don't Want It (prod. by Jazzy Jeff)

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