Monday, April 12, 2010

DJ Premier - Malcolm McLaren Tribute Mix

In case you hadn't heard, about 5 days ago we lost one of the great music managerial minds ever, who was a performer and arranger that dabbled in experimental Hip-Hop production and molded some of today's modern techniques and some of the culture's staple pioneer acts. It may not seem like it, but NYC Hip-Hop owes Mr. McLaren a huge salute, and in this Mix, Premier does exactly that.

DJ Premier used his "Live From Headquartez" show to pay tribute to the quirky creator of The Sex Pistols who hailed from London Town and helped jump start the fundamentals of NYC production...The mix is comprised of some of McLaren's original stuff, soundbites of him doing an interview descibing how he stumbled into teh world of Hip-Hop (dope story) and some of the music that sampled his sounds...AS always you know premier held it down..

Spotted over @ DJ Premier Blog


DJ Premier - Malcolm McLaren Tribute Mix

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