Monday, April 12, 2010

Video Interview: The Rza Talks The iDrum App w/ iZotope Inc.

Arggh, more ways to get around being a "real" beatmaker if you ask me...Then again, I do realize everybody can't afford to go out and drop loot on records and a vintage MPC like muah did years ago...I mean I'll admit it, I used to be on Fruity Loops heavy when it first came out a decade ago, but with that said in the back of my mind I always knew I wanted to save up for my hardware--and I did just that. If you don't follow, being a FL user used to be a pock mark on you if you made beats, especially if you couldn't flip it as nice as 9th Wonder did...

Looks like Bobby Digital has gone ahead and jumped on the ubiquitous 'superstar musician co-signs a big company's product' band wagon and has collaborated with iZotope Inc. to create a new iPhone app called iDrum, that he claims "takes the inspiration of being in a real, fully equipped studio and puts it in your hand". Riiiiiiiiight.

Look, one of Hip-Hop's core themes has always been gettin by on what you got..If you made your beats on a dual cassette deck (pause tapin' for you newbies) and they sounded right, that's all that mattered...whatever sounds ill man..You don't need thousand dollar gear to make dope music, not at all, but there should, IMO be more effort than just using ya jack.


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