Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Single: Reflection Eternal ft. Bun B - Strangers (Paranoid)

New one from the duo that currently has the Hip-Hop world (the real one) ready to blow a gasket waiting on their new album which just suffered another pushback (gotta wait til' May now) but we all know will be worth the wait...

Here they get up with Bun B and over Hi-Tek's insane production Kweli and the Port Authur legend get all deep with the conspiracy theories and whatnot...

Before I check out of this post, can I just say that Bun is officially making me consider to the fullest that he might be the chosen one to take over Scarface's vacated "king of the south" moniker. It's between him, Devin and Killer Mike at this point...

props to Shake on the linkage


Reflection Eternal ft. Bun B - Strangers (Paranoid)

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