Monday, April 5, 2010

Rhymefest - Dangerous: 5-18 Mixtape

One of the Windy City's illest lyricist's emerges with a new mixtape that is comprised mainly of joints that were turned away from inclusion on his new album...Anyone interested in hearing em'?

Rhymefest has brought us "Dangerous: 5-18", the pre-cursor to "El Che"; his long awaited sophomore album. This mixtape is a tall order...I'll admit I didn't particularly dig Fest's debut, but in between that time his witty style has grown on me and a whole hell of a lot others in the underground scene. This is due to Mr. Che Smith (album title make a bit more sense now?) hitting the road and flexing his undeniable skills in the wordplay department on many a radio show, club performance and mixtape appearance.

My expectations are even higher for "El Che" now that this has dropped. He's really started to find his stride as an artist and beyond that I agree with a lot of his philosophies toward life. Tape features trusted underground names like Elzhi, Large Professor, Supastition, Skyzoo, Rahzel, Little Brother and Kid Capri.

Give this a spin and remember on May 18th La Revolucion begins...


Rhymefest - Dangerous: 5-18 Mixtape

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