Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Halftime Show 12th Anniversary

This past Wednesday DJ Eclipse and everyone working over at WNYU's Halftime Radio Show celebrated their 12th Anniversary, and as usual the festivities that ensued for that celebration were about as "Hip-Hop" as Hip-Hop friggin' gets...

As you can see there was a ton of folks in the house (as always is the case for the Anny' shows) for the 2 and half hour special that featured live freestyles and beats from some of the Hip-Hop world's most talented. It was a joy to listen to and now we're getting all the music from the show split up into separate tracks.

The brilliant photo's come courtesy of Robert Adam Mayer who flicked up the event perfectly. Visit that link and check em' all out.

I must send out a special Thank you to Eclipse for having one of the illest Hip-Hop radio shows ever next to Stretch & Bob and the Wake Up Show, as well as always doing up the Anniversary big. I know I truly appreciate it and hope he continues on with the tradition for years to come.


Halftime Radio Show 12th Anniversary Part 1

Halftime Radio Show 12th Anniversary Part 2


Jaz said...

Thanks...I'm looking forward to hearing this show, some great photos there too.

BIG D O said...

o prob Jaz, great to see you still lurkin on PHH pretty frequently...