Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Single: Malcolm & Martin - Thank God (prod. by DJ Revolution)

These two are exactly the type of group Hip-Hop needs right now...I know I'm a bit late in getting you this single, but rest assured I won't be again.

The revolutionary and heady commentary that Malcolm & Martin AKA Styliztik Jones and KB Imean disguise as rap music is right on time...It comes when Hip-Hop is all but passed on, and in dire need of a few chest compressions.

I been hip to these two bi-caostal brothas from anotha for some time and spotlighted their Movement Music Mixtape last year and knew then they had somethin' for us...

Backed by L.A. deejaying legend, DJ Revolution, get ready for the duo's upcoming project Life Doesn’t Frighten Me, from which "Thank God" is the first leak off of...

"Thank God" is a bouncy track which contains more references to thee most important Black lives to ever be lived in America than what the rest of Hip-Hop has produced the whole past and current year combined...

Listen to this, it's good for you.


Malcolm & Martin - Thank God (prod. by DJ Revolution)

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