Thursday, March 4, 2010

Review: DJ Babu - The Beat Tape Vol. 2

Continuing on with the 2nd installment of his Beat Tape series, legendary L.A. wax toucher and Beat Junkie DJ Babu gives the rest of the game a much needed lesson on how to keep your beats contemporary while still capturing the ears of staunch older cats who despise nuevo keyboards and synths.

It’s a ballsy move anytime any producer puts out a beat tape. Damn things are practically tailor made for scrutiny. Most of the time silly, inarticulate comments like “oh I just don’t feel it” made about the music you took hours to construct, usually from next to nothing, is enough to drive most who craft instrumentals to simply keep their beat tapes circulated in-house, or handed to a select few emcees that plan on purchasing some of them. So, in that spirit I applaud Babu for his effort and willingness to keep a staple practice within the culture somewhat afloat, perhaps at his own artistic ego’s peril.

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