Thursday, March 4, 2010

Video: Freaknik The Musical

If any of you insomniatic [Adult Swim] fans care to know, they're getting ready to air T-Pain's hour-long animated special and homage to the place that in 90's was thee spot to be at during Spring break.....Ya'll ready for "Freaknik The Musical" on the 7th!?!?

LOL, I'm actually old enough to remember the ig'nance and pure unadulterated, X-rated fun that the original Freaknik was back n the day...Sadly D O never made it out to one, but I have seen more than a few homemade, errr, uhh, "video's", that documented some friends experiences there that fully convinced me it was the livest party next to them old Howard Homecoming's or Greek Fests...

I heard they've been trying to bring Freaknik back in recent years....Sorry, nuthin' will ever touch what it was back in the 90's...Still it's cool to see artists, even if they're T-Pain's half retarded ass, vault us back to those fond memories.

Lending their vocal talents to the show: Andy Samburg, Big Boi, Bill Hader, Bootsy Collins, Cee-Lo, Charlie Murphy, DJ Drama, DJ Pooh, George Clinton, Kelis, Lil Wayne, Lil Jon, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, Sophia Fresh and Young Cash.

The fun starts @ 11:30 pm EST/PST this Sunday.


1 comment:

Eric said...

Freaknik I remember that. I'm going to have to peep that out.

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