Wednesday, June 16, 2010

2DopeBoyz & Alias Apparel Present: Veterano’s Barbecue Blends Vol.1

So we're fast approaching July kiddies, AKA the Summer month that is guaranteed to roast your ass somethin proper if you ain't messing with central air or some righteous swamp cooler of some sort...While many of us no doubt are dreading the impending heatwave, others, namely 2dopeboyz and Alias Apparel are thinking bout the future moments ahead of us that might be a bit more agreeable in spite of the fact that your thermometer is gonna be reading like 92+ degrees everyday til' like September.

Barbeque's, cookouts, picnics, whatever you wanna call em', at least 1 or 2 of em' should be on your Summer must do list (right there next to registering to go back to school, hittin' a Summer fling and catching at least one free concert) and maybe if you play ya cards right you can bring something other than ya moochin' ass appetite when you hit one up.

Getting up with esteemed producer Veterano (Slaughterhouse, Nino Bless, Ras Kass, Kool G Rap, Kam Moye, etc.) to handle the mixing, 2dopeboyz and Alias has created a blend of classic soul, R&B and funk music hits that embody Summer fun. So do bump this while your hanging out with friends and or family grilling and barbecuing your favorite cow apendages...


2DopeBoyz & Alias Apparel Present: Veterano’s Barbecue Blends Vol.1

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