Thursday, June 17, 2010

Video Interview: David Banner For

Catching up with David Banner while he was in NYC's Washington Square Park (looking like he was trying to blend in, lol) for a commando style interview is none other than the cats...

The Mississippi native breaks down his somewhat silly belief that a lot of his "backpack" rap homeboy's music is positive but don't be "jammin'" and Soulja Boy's music do be "jammin'", it's an interview that I really was left shakin my head at.

Banner moves on to again make more incorrect assertions that there is no regional bias in other genre's; "There's no such thing as southern rock or east coast jazz" and that T.I. was coming close to becoming the south's first huge national star (uhhhh, Scarface anyone?).

At least he has some opinions...however off they may be.


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