Thursday, June 17, 2010

Singles: Magestik Legend - Shoot The Breeze & Day Break

Double shot of good music from The D's lastest product to peep, Magestik Legend .

ML is still my frontrunning pick for this year's rookie of the year/best new name out there and he don't let up here on these two brand new splashes for the people.

"Shoot The Breeze" and "Day Break" both pick up right where ML's most previous single blast "Pop Metal" left off...Once again we're dazzled with ML's relatable lyrics and great beat selection...."Day Break" finds ML once again working with 14K of the Athletic Mic League as well as great as both of their contributions are, I'm afraid the broader story is still ML...


<a href="">Shoot The Breeze (Prod. Oznoh) by Magestik Legend</a>

<a href="">Day Break (Feat. Othello) (Prod. 14KT) by Magestik Legend</a>

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