Monday, June 21, 2010

Video: General Steele - Amerikkka's Skemin'

Ya know, this video might never pop commercially or do big numbers, but got damnit, this man Steele is kicking the truth and we should ALL give it a listen.

In this highly poignant and un-waveringly paranoid cut the BCC affiliate and Smif N' Wessun repper outlines a ton of this country's biggest travesties and illuminates some of it's ugliest truths...from the historical--the virtual theft of the Matta Hatta Native's land by Peter Minuit--to the financial--New York's outrageous profits from parking tickets and real estate taxes....and all that's just what appears in text form in this vid...

While I'm a lil' reticent to co-sign Steele's praises of crazy dude 5000 Alex Jones' Infowars website, I will stand up and say that BBC; another news source Steele big upped, is in fact a very solid, straight news entity that I mess with heavily and wish CNN and MSNBC would strive to be more like.

"Amerikka's Skemin'" highlights the supreme mis-trust perhaps we all should carry a bit more for this land we call "America". While a lot of Steele's observations seem aggrandized, rest assured plenty of what he's kickin is pure truth.

If you dug this, than do check out the LP it's taken from; "General Steele Presents: Amerikkka's Nightmare Part 2 Children of War".


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