Sunday, June 13, 2010

News: Immortal Technique Travels To Haiti To Hand Deliver Funds/Aid

There's a lot of really quality human beings out there that continuously reach out and try their best to help when tragedy strikes the global community...No, I'm not talking about Sean Penn, but rather Hip-Hop's Immortal Technique...

Make no mistake, the Peruvian born, Harlem bred, political lyricist talks a great one, but he also lives those lyrics and tries his best to spread knowledge, truth and in this case some humanitarian aid to the still ravaged island of Haiti.

Connected to projects that helped build an orphanage in Afghanistan is just one of the many causes that Tech has undertaken in the past that have successfully worked out, hopefully he has some impact over in Haiti as well...

Here's some departing words from the man himself...

Immortal Technique:

I made a promise that I would go Haiti to deliver the supplies and Money we raised at the show. I am leaving now for Port Au Prince. Thank you to everyone that supported the Hip Hop for Haiti Movement. The Revolutionary path is not an easy one to walk, its a battleground. There are always comrades. Yet still sometimes ...its lonely when your only company is that of cynical bystanders.

But the doubt of introverted philosophers and apathetic pseudo intellectuals is not a barrier, it is fuel for the fire. The system in place is the real challenge. Thank you to all of you that have been supportive over the years, and even those of you who have not been but wish you could be. One day you'll wake up and breathe Revolucion.


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crazyaces said...
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crazyaces said...

Cool! Thanks for posting, I like that you included Immortal Technique's public statement. Like to see some positive light being shed on the rap world. I wrote about I.T. on my blog, this helped me out. Props bro!