Friday, June 11, 2010

Fashawn - Ode To Illmatic Mixtape

While several great Hip-Hop writers have largely compared Fresno, CA newcomer Fashawn's debut "Boy Meets World" to Nasty Nas' all time A-1 classic "Illmatic", it seems like a perfect idea for Fash to pay homage to Esco through a tribute album of sorts.

While I'm sure plenty of you crabby purists don't wanna hear "a bunch of freestyles" over our beloved "Illmatic" tracks, take note that Fash is in fact one of the better talents to pick for an endeavor like this...I know that Elzhi had planned to do something similiar...that has yet to materialize.

On "Ode to Illmatic" Fash covers all 10 of Nas' "Illmatic" album cuts and even throws in a remix of "Represent" in for us...Def. worth a listen, especially if your a Nas fan who longs for the old days when he took a lil' more care of his music.

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Fashawn - Ode To Illmatic Mixtape

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