Saturday, June 26, 2010

Single: Sha Stimuli - Believe (prod. by Astronote)

Why do the best and truly talented always seem to get marginalized in Hip-Hop?

Soldier of the struggle, Brooklyn's own Sha Stimuli unleashes one of his rawest and most honest jawns here, slip[ping into verses that reflect on his pop's death, his own blighted success, lonliness in what he does and much more...

"Believe" is one of those tracks that deals with so much earnest speaking, and yet doesn't come off sad or just feel it. Sha is continuing to push onward after his debut album "My Soul To Keep", and has a new project titled "Unsung v.1: The Garden of Eden" coming soon..

Take a listen to this..then do it again...then's your single of the weekend.

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Sha Stimuli - Believe (prod. by Astronote)

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