Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Single: Dr. Dre ft. Jay-Z - Under Pressure (Tagged Version)

I don't imagine I'm beating anyone to the punch with a link to this, and by now I'm sure most of you have already heard or heard about the mediocrity that is the first official single off "Detox"...

Strike one Doc...

To be fair this isn't the completed track and it is tagged, but I hear the skeleton and well, I'm just not moved man.

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Update: Tagless version available below now as well....props to Splash on the linkage.


Dr. Dre ft. Jay-z - Under Pressure (Tagless Version)

Dr. Dre ft. Jay-Z - Under Pressure (Tagged Version)

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elmattic said...

Holy christ Dre looks about 80 years old. He looks like Michael Jackson's dad or some shit.

Also, the track is doody.