Saturday, June 19, 2010

Complex Mag's 50 Worst Hip-Hop Fails

Following up their last excellent "50" list, goes for ya funny bone as they list some of Hip-Hop's biggest names during some of their biggest blunders. Included in the fray; Lil' Kim's penchant for going under the knife, Game's wayward butterfly tattoo, KRS sonning of PM Dawn and Big Daddy Kane, eh, well, see for yaself...

Hilarious list, I read the entire thing...huge props to the folks over @ Complex for doing a great job. Even though they themselves kinda had an epic #Fail for putting L Boogie's unplugged performance and Boot Camp's "For The People" album on the list before so much other fuckery that's out there was completely un-warranted.


Complex Mag's 50 Worst Hip-Hop Fails

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