Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Methuzulah - Kemetic Aha Mixtape

Springing up out of the underground scene in Atlanta, (yup, there is one..see the A-Alikes) is none other than Mojo Swagger Methuzulah; a highly capable, multi talented MC (who also ghost writes and is a freelance photographer) that will frequently surprse you...

The New Jersey born wordsmith seems to be more than ready to garner our interests once again as he drops this new mixtape "Kemetic Aha" that basically is one big, ill, black out freestyle session over DJ Premier beats. Added to this really good idea for a tape is a great cast of guest spots that includes one of the stronger new females in the underground scene in Ch-Town's Rita J, the always appreciated (and recently retired?) Kam Moye and Akil of the group formerly known as Jurassic 5.

Simply just ill Hip-Hop kids...grab it up and you good to go.



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