Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Interview: Prince Po For Unkut.com

Half of legendary Queens group Simply II Positive MCs Organized Konfusion, Prince Po[etry] gets up with Robbie of Unkut.com to speak on how and where he came up in Hip-Hop, the wealth of talent that he went to high school with and how often he and Monch connect nowadays...


Unkut: How long did a ‘Prisoners of War’ take to write?

Po: It all depends on the mood we were in. We wrote our songs livin’ life regular. Come over early in the morning to Monch house, we have breakfast, sometimes we might go play ball, come back to the house, we write…cut the beat off, play Playstation, go back to writing again. Sometimes we sat for hours and wrote! What took more time was not the rhymes but actually putting the song together – having the break-down parts and trying to make the song different from just having a chorus and a rhyme and then a chorus and a rhyme and then it’s gone. So that’s where the helicopters sounds and all that stuff came in.

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